8. Ethical Thoughts of Valluvar and Zuhair: A Comparative Study with Special Reference to Thirukkural and Muallaqa

  • Dr. K.M.A. Ahamed Zubair
Keywords: Thirukkural, Tamil, Arabic, Zuhair, Muallaqa


The teachings of the nottables wil guide and lead the humankind to righteous path. The teachings of Valluvar got exhibited in the form of Thirukkural. The subject matter related to love, affection, morals and code of life are mentioned in Thirukkural, which are also discussed in Muallaqa Poems of the Poet Zuhair, who belongs to pre-Islamic period. Zuhair has acknowledged the tendencies of knowledge, ethics and affection in his poems as the first and foremost Poet of Classical Arabic Poetry.He has composed poems with the intention of witnessing a peaceful landscape in the Arabian Peninsula. Valluvar's thoughts and tendencies on Knowledge and Affection are prevalent in the Muallaqa Poems of Zuhair. The primary motive of this article is to discuss and shed light on these two tendencies of Valluvar and Zuhair in a comparative manner.

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