4. Modern Arabic essay literature: a glance. Essay al-ghad (tomorrow)’s translation into Tamil

  • Dr. K.M.A. Ahamed Zubair
Keywords: Essays, Tamil, Arabic, al-Manfalooti, al-Ghad


A genre called "Epistle/"الرسائل in the period of classical Arabic literature. The Epistles of al-Jahiz and Ibn Hayyan are the best examples of this genre. But the genre "Essay/المقالة" appeared in the Modern Arabic Period. As for the "Essay/ المقالة " is concerned, it evolved as an independent literary art, associated with journalistic columns, since its inception and derived its existence from newspapers. Its topics are different according to the trends that prevailed in the field of Arabic Journalism. Its style is based on the writing style of newspapers and magazines the trendsetters of this genre-Essay are al-Manfalooti, Al-Aqqad, Badr Shakib Arsalan, Muhammad Hussain Haykal, Ahmad Al-Zayyat, Taha Hussein, and Birham. This article sheds light on the study of al-Manfalooti's contribution to Modern Arabic Essay literature with special reference to his Essay al-Ghad (Tomorrow) and its translation into Tamil.

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