1. Subramanya Bharathi”: The World-Famous Tamil Poet

  • Dr. A. Jahir Husain
Keywords: Subramanya Bharathi, Glory of the Tamil language, Tamil literary, Odi Vilaiyadu Pappa, Indian Nationalism.


This paper tends to disclose the biography of a famous Tamil poet Subramanya Bharathi and his valuable contributions to the Tamil literature where he developed ideas on civilizing the society most specifically targeting the children and youth aiming to build an educated generation. One of his notable works is “odi vilayadu paapa” in which we can know about his talent and proficiency in Tamil language and his care and concern to bring up a civilized generation. His thoughts and ideas did not content in his state alone rather it spread around the world. He also had a political thought and care for the governance to make the people live in peace and prosperity.             Almost all his poems are based on thoughts that give peace and solution to the problems faced by the youths and children of the society, wherein he himself was a revolutionist who fought for the emancipation of women, against child marriage while he staunchly opposed the caste system and advocated reform of society. This research is a brief work and a small gift to the honorable readers.


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