1. Contributions of Muslims To Peace Building in Tamil Nadu

  • Dr. A. Jahir Husain Associate Professor and Head Dept. of Arabic, Persian & Urdu University of Madras
Keywords: Peace, harmony, contribution, Darghas, Maraikayar.


            This paper tends to unfold the rich heritage of the Muslim society in Tamil Nadu and the immense contributions offered to the state by this society ultimately aiming to build peaceful coexistence among the people of Tamil Nadu. Our country India holds unity through diversities of many kinds, the state of Tamil Nadu exhibits this motto in many ways especially the Muslims of this state have their origin and originality both imbibed within this state where we come to know that the people of Tamil Nadu have accepted the religion of Islam and they continue to be Tamil people in their culture and Muslims by religion. The cause for embracing Islam was the trade contact which was strong between the Arabs and Tamil people even before the Prophethood of Muhammed (s). Throughout the ages the Muslims began to multiply and started to cover almost most of the southern part of Tamil Nadu. The religion did not stop them from their ethnicity, instead, the pluralistic mindset of the Tamil people brought more gain in knowledge and other aspects through the contributions which were made by the Muslims of this land. There came many Muslim Tamil scholars who played their role in contributing huge number of books to Tamil literature, many philanthropists contributed to build educational institutions and many ‘Darghas’ were also built to maintain peace and harmony which also promoted spiritual healing in the Tamil people.These contributions are explored in this research work to disclose the higher intentions of the Muslims of Tamil Nadu to live with the people of their own land in peace and Harmony.

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