2.Arabic Navigation and its impact on International Relationship

  • Dr. Mohamed Rafiq Hasani,Dr. Usman Ali Hasani
Keywords: Navigation, Nova, Navy, Arab Sailors, Arab Land, Courage of Arabs, Shipping, Advent of Islam, Quran and Arabic Loan Words, Source of transporting, Import and export, Boussola, Magnet Compass Astrology, Vasco Do Gama, Columbus, Calicut, Sulaiman 255 H, Abul Hasan Seeraji 255H


The main object of this article is to bring out the historical truth which has been hidden since many eras, Arab sailors had travelled by ship East to west for trading purpose even before the advent of Islam, and they continued to sail after Islam for calling people towards Islam.
Sailing was not easy that time, but Arabs dealt with this art easily by their own experiences, and their good knowledge in this field. The Armed Forces are the military forces,it consists of three professional uniformed services: The ArmyNavy and Air Force. Navy is one of most powerful force, and navigation is the largest source of transporting goods since ancient period to this globalized era, also it is strongest support of trade via exporting and importing. In this article I have brought out some important points.

  1. Arabs are pioneers of navigation (with proof from Quran and Poetry of Jahilia (
  2. Arab sailors have invented so many things in this field.
  3. There are several Arabic loan words in English.
  4. Vasco da Gama and Columbus achieved their victory with maps and guides of Arab navigators.
  5. First time in the history Arabs were the first to bring out the truth about destination, and connection between the seas.
  6. Some important Arab navigators’ names who played massive role in navigation.
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