1. Maxim of “Change of Fatwa due to changed environment”: An analytical study of its evidences and applications

  • Dr. P.S. Syed Masood Jamali
Keywords: تغير الفتوى، الأحكام الثابتة، الطلاق الثلاث، إيقاف الحد.


One of the most significant legal maxims of Islamic Jurisprudence is “Change of Fatwah due to changed environment”. It is agreed by Muslim jurists that Islamic law basically aims at establishing justice, protecting people against injustice and safeguard the interest of the public.Therefore, in application of law, a Jurist cannot be rigid on one stand in all situations without considering the objectives of Islamic Shariah.

However, the application of this legal maxim requires an almost care and otherwise, it may lead to serious consequences. It also requires an analytic study in the light of Quran and Sunnah.  From this point of view, this paper undertakes to establish textual evidences from the Shariah sources and analyze the relevant rulings that have already been established based on this maxim by the companions of the prophet and the prominent scholars of various schools of thought.

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