5. Rights of MuslimWomen in India- An Islamic Perspective

  • Dr. Mohammad Faisal
Keywords: Rights of Muslim Women, Patriarchy, Feminism, Deplorable conditions, Biological, organism, Affirmative and constitutional provisions, empowerment, building the society and humanity, Islamic Perspective


The Topic: Rights of Muslim Women in India: An Islamic Perspective, is a very heartfelt study in Islamic perspective to unearth the manmade misconceptions entangled with the patriarchy and so-called Feminism. This article reflects handsome analysis between modern thought and Islamic thought in a very lucid and vivid manner. Though there have been many books and articles written on this topic in Indian perspective, but I dealt with the topic in a very scientific manner in accordance with the Islamic perspective. 

This research article traces the historical background of deplorable conditions of Muslim women in India and its remedies, as well as clearly deals with that men and women are complement of each other but differs prominently in terms of biological phenomenon. Owing to completely fundamental difference of organism, Almighty Allah has not granted women same power and responsibilities.  Though there are many affirmative and Indian constitutional provisions for the empowerment and upliftment for the women but at large the real picture of real meaning of amelioration for Muslim women is dwindling. Day to day experiences state that women should understand their own nature and accordingly they should realize their own potentials to contribute meritorious efforts for the nurturing and socializing the new generation. Researcher clearly demonstrates that it is need of the hour that Muslim women should comprehend that their role is much higher and higher in building the society and humanity at large that of male counterparts.

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