3. Advices in the Holy Quran and its Applicability in the Current Era

  • Ms. MAS Muthu Katheeja Research Scholar
Keywords: Advice, Holy Quran, Quranic concept of advice, Features of the Quranic advice


The word advice and its related terms are used abundantly in the Holy Quran. Advices given by the Prophets, righteous people  and others are mentioned in the Quran in the context of calling towards doing right path, reformation and change. By contemplating the study of these Quranic verses and analyzing them scientifically, we can derive  the Quranic concept of advice, realize its most important fields and types, get acquainted with the most important characteristics and general specifications that make the Quranic advices are applicable at all times and places in the context of education, reformation and rectification of an individual and the society.

This short paper aims to focus on the study of eliciting and formulating the scientific and practical concept of advice through the context of the verses of the Holy Quran that talked about advice and its derivatives. The study also tries to highlight the fields and features of the Quranic advice, which helps in the projection and practical application of the same in the current era, which needs more rules, regulations and guidelines, in a way that suits the rule of legal principles and constants that aim in their entirety at comprehensive and general reformation.

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