5. The importance of the Arabic language and its Universality

  • Dr. S. Abdus Samad Nadwi


The Arabic language is the fifth most spoken language in the world. And it is crystal clear that the popularity of Arabic has been shining brightly from day one till today. It has a unique place in the world due to its comprehensiveness, spirituality, breadth, universality, and being the religious language of the Muslims. Also, it is becoming the fastest growing language in the world.

This study seeks to discover the role played by the Arabic language, highlighting the established facts and the necessary steps taken by the Arabic language, like all other global languages, to become a global language in order to play its cultural, spiritual, and scientific role in all over the world. Because the Arabic language is a living, effective, flowing language with life and activity, as indicated by the United Nations and its affiliated organizations: “It has made an effective contribution to the preservation of human civilization and its cultural heritage.

The Arabic language was based at the beginning of its renaissance to become a strong language on several basic pillars: Arabization and extensive translation, thus The Arabic language becomes in line with scientific and technological development in the world.

This article highlights the importance of the Arabic language and its prestigious position among all linguists, writers and scholars. It is one of the most important global languages in the current era, and the language of the Qur’an and Hadith, the language of Arab Muslims, and the language of sources and references for Islamic sciences. The Arabic language has played a leading role in the development of science, literature, civilization and culture for centuries. So, it is the language of science, culture and civilization. It is accepted by everyone that the new civilization and the modern scientific renaissance are the result of scientific progress in the prosperous and prestigious Islamic eras, and the evidence for this is what Roger Bacon said in the thirteenth century AD: “Whoever wants to learn, let him learn Arabic because it is the language of science and the future."

Yes! It is the language of science and the future. Therefore, it has become more widespread throughout the world, east and west, north and south, and the most accurate languages of the world in terms of words, the longest languages in life and impact, and the most capable of verbal and semantic growth due to its unique etymological characteristics.  The Arabic language still shines and flaunts over other languages with his beauties and the types of perfection, and for this reason Muslims still take care of this language in writing, reading and speech, no matter how different their cities, their countries and their languages differ because they are in different parts of the world.

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