4. The Significance of Shura in Islam and its Practice in Contemporary Muslim Family

  • G.G.J. Waleed Ahmed, M.I. Nasrin & M.M.A. Abdullah
Keywords: Family structure, Shura, Practice, Polonnaruwa district, Couple


The family is seen as an important stage in the various stages of human life. In order to run this family structure smoothly and peacefully, there must be a strong bond between family members. Understanding is the root cause of everything. Thus, the strong bonding depends on the capacity of understanding they possess each other. One of the most influential aspects of this understanding is making decisions by having a discussion with each other and valuing each and everyone's opinions.

Thus, the study aimed at evaluating the extent of the application of Shura in contemporary Muslim family affairs. Based on the purposive sampling method, a closed-ended questionnaire was distributed to one of each couple in hundred families out of 2390 families living in the Tambala area in the Polonnaruwa district of Sri Lanka. The review of the literature contributed to constructing its theoretical structure. The results indicate the higher application of Shura in child-related issues than spiritual and economic affairs among Muslim families.

This study would be a guide for future studies on family-related issues and the application of the Islamic guidelines on building an effective infrastructure of a healthy family.

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