2. Imam Ghazzali’s Sufism: an Analytical Study

  • Dr.P.S.Syed Masood Jamali
Keywords: Sufism, Al Munqid, Purification, Mind, Soul, Fiqh, Philosophy


Imam Ghazzali is considered as a great reformer of 5th century of Hijrah. His mastery over all disciplines of knowledge of his days is unchallengeable. He had written many books in the Philosophy and particularly “Tahafut al Falaasifah” in which he challenged the validation of many opinions and theories of Greek philosophers in theology. He had also written a number of books to refute the ideology of a group called Bathini and unveiled their hidden intentions to undermine the values and faith of Islam. By launching a strong intellectual war against Greek Philosophers and the followers of Bathini ideology, Imam Ghazzali warned the younger generation of Muslims to keep away from them. However, Imam Ghazzali had chosen the Sufism as the best way among all the ideologies that were prevalent in those days. He also devotedly practiced it in his personal life and authored a number of books. Inspite of appreciation and criticism from various groups, his book “Ihya Uloomiddheen” is the master piece of his works. His methodology of writing and presenting facts are magical and deeply convincing both the intellectuals and common people. This paper examines the biography of Imam Ghazzali, the spiritual exercise undertaken by him and the causes and justifications for his preference of Sufism. His unique contribution to the field and the reformation that he had introduced to Sufism are critically reviewed. In addition, the paper analyzes the views and critics of prominent Islamic scholars on the stands taken by Imam Ghazzali in philosophy and Sufism.
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