A Literary and Spiritual Study in the Shadows of Pre-Islamic Poetry

  • Dr. M.S.M. Saleem
Keywords: Pre-Islamic Age, Spiritual Meanings, Pre-Islamic Poetry


The pre-Islamic era was known as the era of poetry and Suspended poems in Kaaba, and poetry was their life, reality, image and description. The Poet was the head and spokesperson of a tribe. He depicted the values of his society, their characteristics, their personalities and their pride. He was also effusive in religious and spiritual poetry that is attractive to connoisseurs of Arabic poetry and  he said poetry for many purposes.

If that era is described as an era of ignorance, regressive and racist in an aspect, it has a long and praised history with high values recorded by the course of history in another aspect.

This research attempts to reveal what the pre-Islamic poetry comprises the beloved mysterious matters and the spiritual values in this field. It also discovers the commendable values that drew the idea of experts in pre-Islamic Arabic literature including virtuous morals, good manners and spiritual meanings that were formulated and expressed by pre-Islamic poets.

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