6. The Development of Arabic Poetry in Praise of the Prophet in India

  • Mr. Umar Faisal M, Dr. N.M. Ahamed Ibrahim P.G & Research Department of Arabic The New College (Autonomous) Chennai
Keywords: Prophetic Praise, Arabic Poetry, Poets of India, Sufis.


This research paper aims to reveal the development of honorable prophetic praise in India. Many Indian poets have contributed in promoting the prophetic praise throughout the world, like the two venerable companions Hassan bin Thabit and Ka’b bin Zuhair, Imam Muhammad bin Saeed al-Busayri, and Imam Abu Bakr bin Muhammad al-Baghdadi, known as Ibn al-Rashid, (may God Almighty have mercy on them).

Poets in India have achieved the highest level of sensitivity, tenderness of feeling, piety, humility, and politeness. These prominent poets presented their wonderful compositions. Many of their works resemble Arab works in style. The examples of prophetic praise contributed by the scholars of great Indian subcontinent remain alive till today.

          The poets promoted creative concepts and ideas and came up with expressions that had never been done before. It is found in the books of history, biographies, and proselytizing poets of India who acquired the sweetness of Arabic language, and whose hearts overflowed with singing praises of the Messenger (PBUH). Their laudatory literary products are no less prestigious but prestigious than the words of Arab poets. This study aims to explore the Arabic poetry of Indian poets who praised the Prophet (s) throughout the ages of history.


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