6. Wise sayings by Sufis and its impact on the society – An analytical approach

  • Mr. Saad Blaly.N .Dr. A. Abdul Hai Hasani Nadwi
Keywords: Wise sayings, Wisdom, Sufi, Arabic Literature, Reality, Divinity.


This research attempts to briefly discuss the contribution of the Sufis to the wise sayings, which is one of the subjects of Arabic literature, and some Quranic verses affirms its origin and development, and the wise sayings are gathering of wisdom, and the wisdom is the knowledge of the realities of beings. That is, the reality of divinity and everything related to it. This research quotes a few of those wise sayings from the Sufis to show their special method for them in this field. This research discusses the rank of wise sayings in literature and how the Sufis used it? And their deep consideration in the verses of the Qur’an and the Hadees reports, through which they create concepts and meanings that are stranger, with which they are sometimes criticized. The need for this research is to explore the methodology used by the Sufis to explain reality in a mystical way through literature and to reveal their valuable contribution to Arabic literature because their precious works are mentioned very little.             The method chosen in this research is an analytical study, where the subject taken for research are analyzed according to the topic after topic. For example, if a Sufi wise saying is chosen, the study takes place from every aspect, and the study is an analysis of the problem or the question that arises during a deep study. Of course, the question that emerges from this field are like: What is the original meaning of this Sufi wise saying? And what style did the Sufis use? And what is the benefit of the linguist in terms of Arabic literature? and so on.
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