5. Empowerment through poetry: exploring the concerns and aspirations of Pashtun women poets

  • Mr. Ahmad Gul Momand
Keywords: Pashtun Women, Poetry, concerns, call for rights and status


Much of human emotions are expressed via poetry and other literary genres. But, when it comes to women in Pashtun society, we lose their voices.

This research aims to examine the works of Pashtun women poets, exploring the themes, concerns, and aspirations expressed in their poetry. The study seeks to shed light on the unique challenges faced by Pashtun women and how they utilize poetry as a means of self-expression, empowerment, and advocacy for their rights and social issues.

Furthermore, the research seeks to uncover the concerns that preoccupy Pashtun women poets in their literary endeavours. These concerns may range from personal struggles and aspirations to broader societal issues that affect their lives and those of their fellow women. By understanding their concerns, this research hopes to gain insights into the lived experiences of Pashtun women and the challenges they face within their communities.

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